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Waste of time.

Don’t bother downloading this app. To many ads, keeps asking for me to subscribe for $8/week, tried saving a cool wallpaper and it wanted me to either pay for the subscription or watch an ad.. If you wanted to make money off of this app, then don’t make it a free app and expect people to pay weekly for wallpapers. Wallpapers that I could just download from the web. Ever heard of paying once? Charge 2 or 3 for the app and get rid of the subscriptions.


What I want know is why do I have pay $7.99 a week or $19.99 a month for some dang on wallpapers? 🧐

Good app

This app is a good app I saw it for the first time I got it on my tablet


I give this app 1 out of 5 stars; the 1 star would be for the idea of implementing stickers. The app requires that you watch 5 second videos between 2 or three wallpapers that are displayed which is ridiculous and annoying! A tip for the developers, if you want people to take interest and purchase what you’re selling, don’t smother them! 😠

Why Pay?

Personally I hate it it’s true you can use the 7 day free trial but why do you need to pay for an app that won’t save it as a live wallpaper, may as well do it on google for free. It’s also packed with adds and makes the experience awful, The stickers are had to control and instead of swiping to the next wallpaper I get stickers. I DONT RECOMMEND IT!


Thanks so much

Nice Wallpapers but

The thing is when I want to change the title is changes the wallpaper

Totally worth it

This is an awesome app because I don’t have to change my wallpaper everyday it’s just every month now


how can i download an older version of this app???

Fastest App to Delete

Horrible experience. There is an ad ever two seconds and they want $32/month for the premium plan disguised as $7.99/week. Save your time.


This app get on my nerves pop up adds pop every five seconds so annoying when you try to scroll to put a saying and it goes to a new page

Don’t download!

$7.99 per week?! No thanks!


Es la mejor app

So useful👍👍😁

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it


This app is awesome! It has ads every once and a while but it is totally worth it. It has great wallpapers and is super easy to use. Definitely recommend it!

Ok! Cute but...

Needs payment

Thank you

It is a great app

Not Worthy

App offers a free 7 days period and then paid subscription which is not worth it at all

7 days tiral

And after we must pay 10$ per mounth. Rating 1

Es excelente trae wapplers muy bonitos

Es excelente trae wapplers muy bonitos


I want to cancel the auto renew !

Very bad user experience

It says a lot that before I've even seen what the app has to offer, I'm asked to make a commitment. Yes the 7 day trial is free but the fact I have to subscribe to this trial before I've seen the wallpapers is skeevy. It's obvious the devs want me to subscribe so I will forget and automatically be charged after the 7 days expire. I work as a UX Designer. This breach of trust is against Human Centered Design standards. There are better alternatives to this app so I suggest using other apps before this one.


The adds popping up every 5 swipes or so is very annoying


I think you’d have more subscribers if the app wasn’t ridiculously overpriced. It’s a wallpaper app. :/

The ads are so annoying

There are too many ads


1. too many ads, doesnt make you want to use it anymore after first open 2. Who pays 19 bucks monthly for wallpapers, no matter how many illustrators and photographers where engaged in creating this really cool backgrounds

LOADED with ads

I would never subscribe to this app because, although there were a few good wallpapers, there were so many ads in the free version I was already turned off. It shows you 2, maybe 3 wallpapers and then you have to watch a 5 second ad before you can see 2 more wallpapers. TERRIBLE!

Please I need my money back

My finger was on my home button when I clicked the free trial, not knowing it was gonna scan for payment first, I never wanted to subscribe for this, please how do I get my money back? Because I don’t wanna pay for this app.

Don't bother Downloading

It's true that you can use the 7 days free trial and cancle, BUT don't bother to do that. The app has some good wallpapers that I liked but it will never be saved as a live photo!! when I opened photos I found that the app saved the live wallpapers as a small iPhone x screen shaped still photo. LAME


Never found how to cancel. Thieves

Bad app

Im not paying for wallpapers

It not free

Bad developer, it said free but it not free after use it

Content isn’t available, but asks for subscription

Why should I subscribe for content that I’m not seeing. Think about users, give them access, if they like your wallpapers they will subscribe.

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